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 Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold

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Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold Empty
MessageSujet: Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold   Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold EmptyMar 12 Juil - 6:38

Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold
Pokémon GO is a game of augmented reality free, which allows, thanks to the camera in a smartphone and its geolocation, to capture these small virtual creatures in the real world. That is to say on a desktop, in a shop, on a highway, in a tree, on a skyscraper, in a closet, among your neighbor, among police officers or to the Elysée. Everywhere. The more we get Pokémons, more we increase levels. The game allows you to associate with other location based players in the same area to encircle the points of supply and the arenas scattered everywhere. The Universe Pokémon is mixed with our (true) universe, and the results are… Interesting. The game has been launched in the United States, Australia and New Zealand since 7 July. To say that it is a phenomenon of society would be an understatement. In less than a week, it became one of the most downloaded applications of the PlayStore of Android: Pokémon GO account more facilities that tinder, and its users spend more time than those of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger, according to a study of SimilarWeb. The fans of historical Pokémon are obsessed and those who thought that this was only a game of kids s put intrigued, and become addicted.

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Obviously, a game that fact appear of virtual characters in your real environment has few risks. Already, you go even more time glued to the phone, without Be careful where you go. And if a Charizard appears on your windshield while you drive? Or in the middle of the pedestrian crossing while the light is red? Are you going to try to catch? Niantic, the start-up of internal Google-Alphabet who created Pdokéman GO with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, insists with the players for that they "remain aware of their environment," and do not become a danger to themselves or to others wanting to catch a bug that does not exist. Of course, the telescoping between these two worlds has created a few bizarre scenes, absurd and a little disturbing. No place is outside the limits after a first weekend of exploration, hunting and cooperation, the players have shared their experiences and discoveries in line. How they are injured while walking the streets, absorbed by the quest, from hours to walk in their cities. How they found themselves to enter without the knowledge among someone, the game having identified by error the house as a Church, therefore a public place. In Australia and the United States, shops, hospitals and police stations have had to attach panels to prevent the explorers to enter, because the Pokémons appear, as has been said, everywhere. Follow Boon Sheridan @boonerang living in an old church means many things. Today it means my house is a Pokémon GO gym. This should be fascinating. 02:44 - 10 Jul 2016 1 048 1 048 Retweets 1 678 1 678 I Like some of the first real incidents related to the game have been a little surmédiatisés: in the Missouri, four persons have been arrested, suspected of having attracted players, thanks to their geolocation, in isolated locations for the relieved; in the Wyoming, the continuation of a "water Pokémon" hidden in a river has led a teenager to jump a barrier and fall on a corpse. The best anecdote, which summarizes the potential to both frightening and Convener of this game, has just Reddit: a user tells that he had wanted to play around its block of home, a night that he could not sleep. Arrived at the park, it crosses " Two types to the air ladle sitting on a bench," which reveal themselves to be also of the players of Pokémon GO. They discuss, to promise to make team when they reach the level 5, one where you can play several. "Then the cops arrived, tells the player. It took some time to convince them that it was not in the process of dealer of the drug, and even longer to explain to them the game. "Once they have understood, the police have downloaded the application and are become themselves players of Pokémon GO.
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Pokémon GO Hack Cheats Online Tool - Free Gems and Gold
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